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With a Holistic Approach to Life’s Little & Big Challenges, our methods include:



Holistic Coaching


When we lose connection with the whole (Body/Mind/Spirit) – we FEEL incomplete, unbalanced, disengaged, even physically ill. To reintegrate the whole requires  a professional collaborative partnership, commitment and trust.

We introduce you to methods and intentional strategies to assist in your personal and professional growth.  These are not ‘hidden formulas’ or ‘never- before-heard-of-procedures’.  Instead, our approaches are pivotal, heart-centred, and practical.

The basis of our work is understanding what actions and perception are not working; assisting you to uncover the steps needed to replace current strategies for improved outcomes.  Through coaching, you will learn how to release what no longer serves; usher in the freedom to experience improved confidence, self-empowerment, and the heart space for you to create your unique version of success.

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Lois Boughton


Holistic Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Reiki Master Teacher