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Last time I collaborated with my Naturopath, she gave me a fabulous acupuncture treatment.  We chatted about health in general and about inflammation specifically – causes and cures – about a healthy choices to reduce my body’s inflammation – about dietary changes, and adding healthy supplements.  These changes would bring about positive outcomes like:  healthier skin, more balanced hormones, and a strengthened immune system. Sounded like a good outcomes to me.

Our Bodies and Medical Consultations

First of all, I wasn’t interested in walking into a doctor’s office and being told in under 10 minutes ‘what’s wrong with me’ – ‘what I ought to be doing’ – while the medical professional forgot to look up from their computer screen.  No … no … no …  My aim was to find a great medical professional, willing to consult and collaborate with me on my journey to optimum health.

Finally, I found her!!!  A most amazing, caring, professional – my Naturopath.   She gave me more detail about what foods reduce inflammation. Furthermore, she talked about how easing back into activities that I had long given up – reconnecting with the love I once had for them – would give me much added health benefits.  How self-care and self-awareness is often the medicine that stops illness, before it even starts.  Taking on a healthy responsibility in all aspects of our lives – body, mind, and spirit.

NutritiousWhat to Believe About a Healthy You?

It’s a challenge sometimes to keep up on all the “what’s good for you, what’s not” media.  So, staying away from certain foods – only to find out later, they aren’t so bad in moderation, can be frustrating.  What to believe, who to believe, and when to believe – sometimes feels like a crap shoot!  Talking with the health professional, as  a wonderful collaborator toward better health, needs to be seriously considered.  Perhaps you want to find one interested in optimal health for body, mind, and spirit.  Part of a successful collaboration is one where you take action, and do what is needed to better your health!


Body Intuition – Your Commitment to a Healthier You

Our body intuition is truly part of your commitment to a healthier you.  What are your cravings?  Something like salmon? sardines? eggs? chocolate? sugar?

Loving FoodsThere are times I can’t seem to get enough – but when I listen to my body and follow the “good food cravings” I feel satisfied.  The other day I was at the grocery store, and was compelled to buy sardines!  When I got home the first thing I did was open a can and down the hatch they went.  Body intuition or our body knowledge – I just know when I’ve got a craving going on I’m missing something – either in my physical diet, my emotional diet, or my spiritual diet.  For our own health’s sake, we really need to listen to our bodies. They are often the “wiser us”. Seek out the knowledge from your trusted medical collaborator, learn what’s best for you, and take action to a healthier you.

Collaboration with Your Health Professional

I highly recommend you collaborate with a trusted medical professional.  My Naturopath gives me the information I need to make wise and informed decisions – she hasn’t steered me wrong yet.  And I’m getting better and better – mind, body, spirit.  I encourage you to take a look how you can improve in the betterment of your health – find a medical professional you can collaborate with – and get better day by day.  If you’re interested in the name of my Naturopath, I’ll be happy to pass on her information.  I invite you to create your “staying healthy” team.

With health and healing in mind, I am … Lois Boughton


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