Walking Meditation & Simply Being

Years ago, while researching different types of meditation, I came across an article from Thich Nhat Hanh in which he spoke about Walking Meditations.  What I saw in this short, beautiful, and powerful meditation – The Great Bell Chant, was a picture of a person in a walking meditation, slowly moving one foot in front of the other, simply being.  It spoke to my heart.

From that one moment, I was compelled to try a walking meditation.  It required some thought on my part.  Now you may be thinking – walking is walking.  However, a walking meditation requires you to be aware.  For me, becoming more aware of where I was, what I was doing, and certainly being in the moment … took my mindfulness to a unique level. 

A walking meditation has proven, for many of us, that benefits take place from that first step, that first moment of being present – in the here and now.  It is often the small and simple daily acts, that create a profound difference in our lives.  Check out Jean Miller’s detailed guide on 50 Amazing Benefits of Walking Daily – benefits abound in everyday life!

Simply Walking

We may take walking for granted.  Simply rising from our chair and walking.  The pace may vary depending on the urgency of our task at hand.  However, when you begin a Walking Meditation, you become aware of the speed you are walking – often fast, and not conducive to meditation.  Walking meditatively requires us to BE in the moment – BE Aware – BE Mindful – BE Thoughtful – taking smaller steps at a slower pace. It also requires us to BE fully in our surroundings.

Jon Kabat-Zinn (another person I follow and study) has a beautiful walking meditation technique … simple and easy to follow.

Some of our meditation group have experienced a walking meditation in my backyard a relatively narrow spot with a bit of a hill at one end.  Keeping our wits about us in this walking meditation requires commitment to the moment.  

The fresh air gently rustling the leaves, the bunnies paying us a visit (they love our meditation group), birds flying overhead, and each meditator passing another on the narrow space, compels each of us (with eyes open), to integrate all external and internal information.

We have also experienced a walking meditation at the Labyrinth in Abbotsford at Mill Lake Park (off Bevan entrance).

The Labyrinth – a mystical, energetic place, when mixed with the practice of a Walking Meditation, offers a deep and profound healing for each person.

Simply Being

A walking meditation can be anywhere you choose, at any speed you choose (obviously safety is a factor).  As you practice your walking meditations, you begin to become aware of how wonderful just BEING is.

Being in the Moment

  • increase your ability to relax and rejuvenate  
  • helps you slow down a bit and enjoy the view
  • brings awareness, in some subtle or bold way, of the answers you have been seeking

Like more information about our Walking Meditations?  Please feel free to contact us.

With compassion, kindness, and gratitude … Lois Boughton


Photo Credits:  Gabriela Palai, & Tobi from Pexels




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