For years now I have felt the speed with which time passes seems to move exponentially faster with each coming year.  Was I getting older? Or are there other energies afoot? Where’s the balance in all of this?

The Great Law of Balance

There is much occurring in this world that is reported as change – as ‘news’. I think much of it is just a regurgitation of what has occurred for eons.  It’s perceived or reported as ‘different’.  Humans still fight humans.  The gaps grow greater with each day between the have and the have nots.  Blatant disrespect of all things seemingly runs rampant. The baneful.

Yet, in all the turmoil there seems to exist a great law of balance.  And it looks like the existence of great compassion and love.  There are many measure of abundance.  Gratitude is growing – and we are moving into that energy.  Kindness, and altruism changes the world – for the better. The beautiful.

The Answers in Time

How many of us have forgotten where the answers lie?  Do they lie within each of us, born of our outer experiences?  Time Passages … When was the last time you took an inventory of your thoughts?  Resistance behaviour?  Discontent?  Actions?  Your love? Joy? Your serenity? It it wasn’t today, why not?  Each new day is the right time to look at the direction we are taking.  It makes it easier to be honest, and make small adjustments along the way, for the better. 

When I was young, I remember reading:  “there is great freedom in responsibility”.  Being that youth , I thought if I got my chores done, appeased all those in authority, then I could be free to do exactly what I wanted.  What I’ve learned is that young or old, we continue to be responsible for each thought and each action borne of that thought. Each outcome we experience is borne from us. 

Change belongs to the individual.  I can’t make you change.  You can’t make me change.  The choice is always there … Change belongs with each of us.

Simple Steps Daily

One small, simple, change per day adds up pretty quickly over time.  You and I are the ‘connected consciousness’.  The study of Quantum Physics strongly suggests this.  Any change we make creates a ripple. That ripple, immediately and in all ways, affects the whole.  What effect is your ripple creating today?

With Gratitude & Encouragement … Lois Boughton


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