Treatment - Reiki Appointment ExpectationsAt LIV Positive Change, you will experience a Reiki treatment on a Reiki Table (similar to a massage table). You will remain fully clothed.2 The Reiki Practitioner will ask if they can touch your body with their hands, however, never will they touch breasts or the genital area of any client.

Our one-hour sessions, actually require 90 minutes of your time.  Before each treatment, we sit with you, ask questions, and get a clear understanding of your intention for that day’s session.  After the 60-minute treatment, we will take the last 15 minutes to wrap up the session, ensuring you are fully awake, grounded, centred, able to drive, and move into the next part of your day.

During the Reiki treatment, you may feel warmth, cooling, tingling, sensations, or vibrations from the Practitioner’s hands. Any of all of these sensations are perfectly normal.  Some clients feel comfortable enough to fall asleep.  Ohers fall into a deep meditative state.  Still others stay fully awake and aware.  There is no wrong way to experience our Reiki treatments.

Our treatment room is warm, inviting, and full of healing energy.  We play soft, relaxing music in the background, and make every effort to ensure your physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort throughout your time with us.

After the Reiki treatment, you will be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids over the next 24 to 72 hours – a bit more than you usually drink.  Energies have shifted, toxins are moving out of your body, and we want to ensure they are easily eliminated.  You will receive our “After a Reiki Treatment” card to help you remember what steps to take in the days to come.  We will make sure you take enough bottled water to keep you hydrated until you get back home or to the office.