At its very root, REIKi is Love.  In its precepts, teachings, and all that is written about REIKI, the root of it is simply, and most powerfully, Love.  It’s intention is ‘harm to none’, sent to and offered for each person’s greatest good, vibrating at the highest possible frequency for healing.  Each individual remains, always, in full choice whether to accept the healing energies or not.

As a form of healing energy, is translated by many to mean Universal Life Energy. If we take a moment to think of that description, we realize how truly amazing REIKI is.  The depth of it – its history, its capacity to heal, its different forms, and its capabilities – makes REIKI an ideal portal to improved health (body, mind, emotion, and spirit).  When we truly come to understand its power – the power that awakens the healer within each of us – we feel tremendous gratitude for its loving, healing powers.

REIKI emanates from the hands of a Practitioner who has learned this form of healing energy from their Master Teacher (through attunements or initiations).

It is intuitive healing energy – it goes where it is needed.  It is important to note that the energy flows through the REIKI practitioner through the chakras starting from the Crown Chakra and moving outward to the recipient.  It is not the practitioner’s energy – it emanates from Source.  The practitioner is the conduit or the vessel through which REIKI flows. The intensity level of the flow of energy is directly proportional to what the person receiving REIKI needs.  The recipient may feel heat, pulsating, pins and needles, cooling, or nothing at all.  How it is perceived by the recipient is never wrong, and always offers the optimal healing energy in the moment.

Reiki - Healing HandsEach of us, in one form or another, at one time or another has had the need for healing.  A state of returning to optimal health equilibrium – the body at its best.  We seek medical advice, holistic help, or other alternate forms of healing.  Remembering that REIKI is energy – love – healing, think back to when you were a child and you fell and scraped your knee.  You came running to a parent for solace, and what was the first thing they usually did?  Placed their hand on it to ‘make It better’ or ‘kiss it better’.   Innately, the healer resides within.  REIKI is here for us, to awaken the healer within (whether as a practitioner, a recipient, or both).

David Herron, Reiki Master and Energy Healer states: ‘Healing is not the popular conception of removal of symptoms.  Healing is to recover a greater experience of unity with the divine harmony, and our true selves.  Healing is returning to a state of alignment with your Higher Self or true way of being.’

In my practice, we offer, study, and train with USUI REIKI.

Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of USUI REIKI, was a Minister from Japan. Some history reports him as a Buddhist, and others as a Christian Minister.   For many years, Dr. Usui was on a quest for understanding of healing and miracles.  At one point on his quest, he set out on a 21-day mountain meditation seeking answers and insights.  His experiences, understanding, and his miracle on the mountain gave him the gift of REIKI, and its healing symbols.

From this point onward, Dr. Usui spent many years offering REIKI healing to the poor and infirm.  Through these experiences, he realized that he had only been dealing with the physical aspects of healing, rather than the whole – body, mind, spirit, and emotion.  Out of this realization, he began to teach the value of REIKI, and the need for gratitude in our lives.

It was from these experiences, realizing the need to work from a holistic standpoint, combined with the understanding that the power of gratitude is as important as any other aspect of healing, he created the following Precepts or Principles of REIKI.


Just for Today…

  • Do not worry
  • Do not anger
  • Honor your parents, teachers, and elders
  • Earn your living honestly
  • Show your gratitude to everything

From the book by Joyce J Morris: Reiki – Hands That Heal*,

George Avera, Chiropractic Doctor wrote the following letter:

‘To the Reiki Therapists of Tomorrow:
It was a pleasure to review the pre-publication of this excellent book*.  A comprehensive, in depth, text was long overdue.  This book is a must for anyone interested in energy medicine.
Reiki is a powerful addition to the toolbox of any health practitioner.  Chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists and physical therapists all can benefit their patients extraordinarily with Reiki up their sleeve.
Reiki is spreading like wildfire nationwide, and for good reason.  It works!
George Avera, D.C., Reiki Master Therapist