Reiki Training

Whether you are seeking enhanced wellness, a path to enlightenment, increased spirituality, or something more, Reiki may lead you toward that deeper enrichment experience you desire.
At LIV Positive Change we utilize the USUI Method of Reiki, and invite you to explore your USUI Reiki Training levels with us.

Utilizing USUI REIKI training, we offer:

Reiki Training Level 1 – Shoden ($429)

Reiki Training Level 2 – Okuden ($529)

Reiki Master – Shipinden & Shihan ($1,449)

In our view, Reiki is offered as a Sacred Healing Modality. Our Reiki philosophy and training comes down to that one simple, powerful phrase – Sacred Healing Modality. Viewing Reiki in this manner is at the heart of all we do. We teach in such a way that instills REIKI, its principles, its ideals, and its practice as a Sacred Healing Modality.

Choosing a Reiki Master Teacher is a very important first step in your training.  We believe developing a connection with your Reiki Master Teacher on a ‘soul level’ is key to a successful experience.  We encourage you to do some soul searching about your own reasons for wanting Reiki in your life (whether as a practitioner or a teacher).  Here are some questions to guide your process …

  • What is it about Reiki that is important to me?
  • What is my learning style? What type of Reiki teacher do I want to attract?
  • Would I ever want to teach Reiki to others?
  • What Best Practices would I want modelled for my REIKI practice? business? as a practitioner?

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We invite you to explore your USUI Reiki Training levels with us. Utilizing Reiki practices to seek your path of enlightenment may lead you to that deeper enrichment experience you desire. Contact us: (604) 217 1826  or  via email by clicking here!

Lois Boughton


Holistic Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Reiki Master Teacher