Real Estate Coaching

Our Real Estate Coaching Program is a customized Blue Print designed to enhance your personal and professional life and transform your real estate business. Our coaching is focused on boosting YOUR bottom line.

The following questions may spark your decision to take the next step:

  • Are you where you want to be in your real estate business?
  • If you got into real estate to increase your income substantially, and make your mark, are you?
  • Are your numbers and outcomes what you thought they’d be to this point?
  • Are you meeting your goals, or are you feeling defeated, inadequate, frustrated?

Today is a good day to begin to explore the solutions to your challenges. Each of us needs support, guidance, and accountability in our lives. Being a Realtor is no exception. To grow your business, your decision to hire a coach will move you forward.

Our Program Will Give You …

  • Definition and understanding of the lifeblood of your business and how to use it to your benefit
  • Time to practice your interpersonal skills through the art of great communication and creating clients for life
  • Tools to regularly measure your progress
  • Understanding how to consistently make adjustments where necessary
  • A mindset for success
  • Full accountability for ALL goals, actions, and outcomes
  • Courage to take a fearless look at your numbers,percentages, and help you outline the steps necessary to achieve the ‘right’ numbers, keep you on track
  • Reinforce the power of Time Mastery
  • Check-in on Attitudes and Actions
  • Creating daily rituals for effective outcomes
  • The answer to the question: does your business reflect you, and your values
  • Tools to review your numbers, track them, know them intimately
  • The answer to the question: are your actions are getting right results? Why or Why Not
  • Clarity around how you show up in your business and in life, whats working, what needs adjustment
  • Understanding of the importance of your leadership profile – in your business, with your colleagues, with your clients

I’m Lois Boughton, Transformational Coach, and if you’re interested in personal and professional improvement; if you’re ready to commit to the work necessary to become the best you can be, then I invite you to set an appointment with me for your complementary consultation.

Wishing you much success and thanks … I look forward to hearing from you.

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