Meet Lois

Lois believes in the holistic approach to life and work – Body/Mind/Spirit as one.


Reiki Master Lois Boughton, has over 20 years combined treatment and training experience,  and is affiliated with the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the International Centre for Reiki Training

20 years of client support, coaching, public speaking, and holistic work has solidified in her heart that all lives are forever changed by the power of love. As different as we are, we are the same. The more we open our hearts, the more we have the capacity to love. With an increased capacity to love, the harsh edges of the world begin to soften.

Lois is drawn to the exhilaration that positive action toward change creates.  She embraces change, and knows it is not always easy. She also knows that beauty can lie with change.  She appreciates what change can bring – opportunities, lessons, sadness, sorrow, joy, and the ever-illuminating contrast of life.

Her studies in psychology combined with her professional experience, aid her in teaching beyond the textbook. As she teaches Reiki Masters & Practitioners, coaches Clients through challenges, and guides Meditators to find their essence, you will find her supporting and holding space for individuals on their life-path journey.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Lois with any questions or comments you may have.