A Transformative Key To Positive Living 

Perhaps now is a good time to offer the healing benefits of meditation as a personal gift to yourself.

During this time of immense change, and inability to move freely within our community, Meditation may enhance your overall psychological well-being. Meditation teaches us to quiet our minds, still our bodies, enhance our self-awareness, focus our energies, and create the holistic opportunity for healing – body, mind, and spirit

Join us online Tuesdays and Fridays 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m PST – $10

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Within the Meditation group, each person has the opportunity to share their wisdom, their challenges, and their triumphs.  This enhances each person’s meditative experience.

Lois leads and assists you to recognize your inner wisdom, and acts as a guide as you align spiritually.  Each Meditation begins with the group consciousness, and leads into your inward journey.  Our energies vibrate from outward inward and outward again. We come to the awareness that we are all one. You will be amazed how quickly time passes, and how transformed you feel at the completion of each Meditation.

During this time of uncertainty, we offer Online Meditations.  As the world ‘opens up more’, we will re-introduce in-person, on-site Meditations, and will continue with our online Meditations

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Try meditation with us to feel transformed, fulfilled and spiritually aligned! If you are considering bringing meditation into your life – Contact us! (604) 217 1826  or  via email by clicking here!

Lois Boughton


Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Transformational Coach