Over the years I have worked with people in varying stages of doubt; whether a personal challenge, a professional crisis, a family dispute, or a spiritual concern.  Underlying each was a common need -. Healing – and most of all, an understanding that this healing is of body, mind, and spirit.

One of the modalities capable of healing body, mind, and spirit – Meditation. There are an infinite number of ways to meditate:  Zen, Mindfulness, Loving Kindness (Metta), Transcendental, I Am, Qi Gong, Guided, Silent, and the list goes on.

Less important is the method – most important is the practice of meditation.

Meditation – A Great Healer

Many people who begin their journey of Meditation, have fear they will not be able to Meditate.  With that fear acknowledged, I encourage my clients to look at the meditative experiences they engage in everyday.  Sitting in front of a fireplace and watching flames dance and move in endlessly, changing ways.  Laying on the grass, looking up at the sky, watching the clouds float by.  Sitting by the ocean, river, or lake, mezmerized by the motion of the water.  Standing in the shower and simply letting the water flow over you, no thoughts, only feeling.  Watching a sleeping baby or loved one breathe, with the effortless rising and falling of their bellies.  You have meditated.  From these experiences, think back…’how did you feel’?  Relaxed? At Peace? Calm? Cleansed? Touched deeply?

Solutions Abound!

In Wayne Dyer’s book, “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem“, he states:  ‘Meditation is an exquisite practice for reducing stress, relieving fatigue, nourishing the soul, and having a general feeling of well-being.’  Meditation’s calming effect as we practice it, allows room for healing.  I encourage you (if you haven’t already), to add the practice of Meditation. It allows us to slow down, breathe deeply, and simply BE.  It is in BEING, that we allow our bodies, minds, and spirits to begin (and continue) the process of healing.  Because, after all … we are worthy.

Meditation – An Amazing Vehicle to Clarity

Perhaps there have been times in your life when you felt like you were living in a fog.  Couldn’t see a clear path out of chaos.  No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t gain the clarity needed to solve a personal problem, let alone a professional one.  I’ve been there too, and that’s when meditation found me.  I learned the path to clarity lay within.  You may be saying, well that’s nice, but how do you do it?  It begins with your breath.  Simply breathing.  Followed by awareness of your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Then, moving into more thought provoking aspects, by acknowledging the ticker tape parade of thoughts racing through your mind…and letting them go.  The space in-between your thoughts – that’s where clarity lies.

For a moment, lets compare physical clutter to mind clutter.  When you have clutter all around you – at home, at the office, in the car – all that clutter takes over your time, energy, and thinking.  It’s definitely in the way – and often paralyzing.  It’s the same with your thoughts – cluttering and muddling your mind.  In order to move forward to wellness, we need to remove, and release the clutter. Does this miraculously occur overnight?  Not usually.  That’s why we call it ‘meditative practice’.  Like anything else, we learn by taking the first step (the first breath), and doing it over and over again, living the results in increments, until one day you realize the clutter is less, you’re feeling better, and you have more clarity.  We do not need to control meditation.  Meditation is innately skillful and quietly powerful – trust it.  It is indeed “an exquisite practice”.

A Healing Way

Focus is utilized often to optimize effectiveness in our lives.  It is a process by which we “lock” onto one thing, one thought, or one process, while leaving everything else on the periphery for the time being. Giving a speech, preparing for and writing exams, learning new and/or technical tasks, operating equipment or vehicles, rid ourselves of illness, creating a healthy body, mind, and spirit. All situations require differing degrees of focus.  When we lose the ability to  focus, we may experience frustration.  Being frustrated compounds the problem.  Meditation is a method to help release the frustration, and enhance focus.

Look at the photo to below.  Note the focus is on the rocks and the moss.  The background is out of focus and deemed unnecessary for the value of the photograph.  We do not need to focus on a particular subject  (although you may choose to).  What is important is sitting quietly, peacefully, focussing on our breath – simply in and out.  Just like the rocks and the moss we sit quietly within ourselves, nothing else matters.  We engage in mindful breathing, body and breath awareness.  Innate awareness.  Practice longer meditation times (starting with 2 or 3 minute meditations, working your way up to 30 minute or one hour meditations).  You will be amazed at how meditation changes you for the better.

Positive Practice

In order to become better at Meditation, like anything else, practice is required.  You may not always be successful or happy with the outcome of your meditations.  Not to worry.  With practice, things will fall into place.  You will learn from it all.  You will begin to notice positive differences in your life.

Each person attending our meditation groups has noticed significant improvements in their lives.  No two people are alike.  No two meditation experiences are alike.  One thing is true for all – we are not as we were yesterday – and tomorrow we will be different still.  It is our road … our journey to healing … our journey to wellness … our journey through meditation – becoming our best selves.  May you find meditation on your road.  If you’d like more information on meditation, or to experience one of our Meditation groups, contact us today.

With Gratitude and Encouragement …Lois Boughton


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