Committing & Recommitting

Having registered for a workshop a while ago, and having a day packed chock-a-block full of other things, I was feeling the need to drop something – and the workshop seemed the thing to drop.  I readjusted my thinking and reminded myself that everything would fall into place perfectly –  so, I said yes and recommitted to move forward as planned.  Who knew my day with move from ordinary to extraordinary?

When I arrived to the workshop a few minutes early, the realization was strong that this was what I needed, particularly on this day – a departure from my routine, getting out of my own way, meeting new people, and adding to ‘life’ experience. Looking for valuable tools to assist my clients in moving through and past challenges is always top of mind. Something was telling me this particular workshop was going to be such a tool –  it was definitely “unique”.

Hidden Gems

There were hidden gems in this workshop.  The facilitator was late. The emotions in the room ranged from anxious – to wanting to take action and make something happen – to simply accepting and relaxing into the reality of what was. The hidden gems were:

  • BE in the moment
  • TRUST in the process, and know there’s always a Bigger Picture we don’t necessarily see
  • Things work out just as they are meant to.  And, we would soon be introduced to something that would transcend ordinary.

Once the facilitator arrived, we moved right into the experience of Labyrinths.  We explored a hand labyrinth, walked an indoor one, and finally, outdoors on a larger scale.  We learned the history of this ancient practice – learned following it can create paradigm shifts – learned (literally and figuratively) that walking this single path to the centre and back again takes us on a journey of self-awareness of our own challenges and emotions.

An Uphill Struggle

After each exploration we shared experiences, which were truly significant. Personally I felt a great deal of uncertainty. The message in the labyrinth was strong, eye opening, encouraging, and just what I needed to ‘see’.  A strong reminder that I had the answers.  It told me to take my time, trust in the journey, lean on others for support when necessary, and trust in the power of spirit.

There were times in the Labyrinth when I felt an a literal physical uphill struggle – the feeling of walking a steep incline. A deep-seated fear appeared. My inner voice shouted “stop, let go, breathe, allow, trust”.  Once in the centre of the labyrinth, I experienced an amazing calm – and saw, rather than heard, the words Grace, Joy, Kindness, Love.The journey back seemed easier until I ‘lost my way’. Another message was received: take a step back, take your time, readjust, get back on track.

A Metaphor for Life

Everyone who shared their experiences agreed they received much clarity on this mini journey.  It became apparent to us, in the few hours spent within the labyrinth, herein lay a metaphor for our lives in that moment. The clarity and simplicity of what we needed to hear, where we needed to take action, and how to move forward, came as a gift and a valuable tool.

It was a gentle and powerful reminder that we look for answers where none lie. We spend an inordinate amount of time wishing things were different. We tend to lay the responsibility of our own experiences on others. The journey within is an amazing one – where all the answers live.

As a Coach, and a woman, I now encourage my clients to experience the labyrinth walk, as they journey to find their own truths.  Trust yourself – your true essence lies at the centre of your being
Listen to your inner voice – stop and hear it
Be present in the moment / Be gentle with yourself
Trust in the journey and the process
Say ‘Yes” more often
Engage in your own growth
Follow when appropriate
Lead when appropriate
Readjust where necessary
• Feel the fearcourage is within
Trust – let go – allow – breathe – move forward

Should you have the desire to explore a labyrinth in your neighborhood, I encourage you to do so. They exist in many communities in our beautiful province. In Abbotsford, The Labyrinth of Hope is located in Mill Lake Park (just west of the Bevan Road parking lot). I also invite you to check out Diana Ng’s book: Walking the Labyrinth Your Path to Peace & Possibilities.

I encourage you to Transcend Ordinary and Transform Your Life.

“One of the most effective means for transcending ordinary and moving into the realm of extraordinary is saying yes more frequently, and eliminating no almost completely. It’s basically saying yes to life.”  Wayne Dyer


With gratitude and encouragement … Lois Boughton


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