Transformational Coaching FAQ!

We have answered many of the most common questions asked about Transformational Coaching. If you have any questions not outlined below, please contact us and inquire. Thank you!

Transformational Coaching can be likened to a key that opens a locked door.  Once you find the right key, the door is easily opened.  Once the door is opened, your current reality comes into view. Through awareness, shifts in perception, forgiveness, meeting challenges with courage, and much more, you actively examine new opportunities to change and transform your reality.

We begin with our 90-minute consultation process.  This session explores the question … ‘why are you thinking of hiring a coach’?  Your answers give us a deeper understanding of who you are, what you’re looking for in a coaching program, whether or not coaching is right for you, and, are we the right fit for each other?  After 90 minutes, we’ll both have a clearer picture of what’s next for you.

People come to us from all walks of life, and include, but are not limited to:

  • the person staying at home while raising children
  • the person whose high stress environment is speeding them toward burnout
  • the small business owner who just can’t seem to get their business to the next level despite their strong entrepreneurial skills and their best efforts
  • the retiree who isn’t sure how to live the rest of their life without “a job”
  • and many others

When we meet for your 90-minute consultation, we will go over our coaching package pricing.  We believe it’s important to have this conversation face to face. If you’re contacting us, you’ve decided you are ready to accept guidance and support.  If money is a concern, we need to talk about that too.  We’re here to help you accomplish your transformation.

Beyond our 90-minute consultation appointment, each subsequent coaching appointment runs for 60 minutes.  We respect and appreciate your time and our time, and stay within these 60 minutes. On occasion, there may be a need for a longer session.  If so, both you and the coach will work out the details.

We really enjoy working with people in person. However, as the world changes, and we live in a global community, that isn’t always possible.  Our coaching sessions can be enjoyed:

  • In Person
  • By Phone
  • Via Zoom
  • Or another online method agreed upon by you and the coach

As indicated above, we do offer several coaching packages, and will be pleased to give you details in our 90-minute consultation.

Each person’s coaching experiences and outcomes are individual to them.  We invite you to read some of our Testimonials.  From these, you will get a glimpse of what tools people come away with, and how coaching with us made them feel.

This is what you can expect:

  • a free 90-minute consultation where you have the opportunity to decide if we’re right for you, and vice-versa
  • our undivided attention in each coaching session
  • to guide you toward your desired outcomes
  • to keep you on track
  • us to hold you accountable
  • us to ask difficult questions
  • a customized coaching process specific to your needs
  • support you through challenges
  • us to be honest with you

Our world is changing in so many ways. We have learned through science, psychology, and our own human experience that we cannot separate the body from the mind and the spirit if we are to navigate this life successfully, happily. When we lose connection with the whole we feel incomplete, unbalanced, disengaged, out of sorts, even physically ill. It requires commitment, awareness, patience, and understanding to reintegrate the whole. What this means for you?  We’re here to help you reconnect with yourself.

Have more questions? Please fill out our CONTACT form, outlining your questions, and we’ll get back to you.