Our Owner: Lois Boughton

Liv Positive Change OwnerIf you’ve read our home page, you will already know that Lois believes in the holistic approach to life and work – Body/Mind/Spirit as one.

Lois understands how important connection and support are in our day to day lives. For more than a dozen years working as an Employment Counsellor, she served clients from many walks of life. Clients who often suffered the loss of (what appeared to be) a secure job, who were now facing a very insecure and uncertain future. Their minds were racing, their bodies seemed to just go through the motions, their spirits were taking a beating, and sometimes it was all they could do not to let panic wash over them. It was through these years of supporting clients through ‘job loss trauma’, guiding people through the unknown, that Lois began to understand how important and vital the Body/Mind/Spirit connection is.

With her varied background (Realtor, Real Estate Business Owner, Employment Counsellor, Personality Dimensions/True Colors Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Transformational Coach, and Toastmaster), she is drawn to diverse endeavours, interesting people, and always finds the unmistakable connections in each one. Over 20 years of client support, coaching, public speaking, and holistic work has solidified in her heart that all lives are forever changed by the power of love. As different as we are, we are the same. The more we open our hearts, the more we have the capacity to love. With an increased capacity to love, the harsh edges of the world begin to soften. Doing our inner work, loving and healing ourselves is where it all begins.

Lois is drawn to continuous learning, and she loves change (not always easy). She appreciates what change can bring – opportunities, lessons, sadness, sorrow, joy, and the ever-illuminating contrast of life. You will find her currently teaching Reiki Masters & Practitioners, Coaching Clients through little and big challenges, hosting Meditation groups, giving presentations, and enrolled in Psychology at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Please contact her with any questions or comments you may have.